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Fabulous Woman

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Karen Kaplan

Karen Kaplan's rise from receptionist to Chairman & CEO at Hill Holliday, one of the premiere advertising agencies in the world is legendary. She ranks among Boston's most powerful women and is also wife, mother (19 year old daughter and 24 year old son) and lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts. I wanted to learn more about what inspires Karen, what makes her soar and glide so seemingly effortlessly, through challenges, adversity, life (!)... in a man's world.

Tel: 508-888-7800   E-mail: Judith Bowman
Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

Many years ago, citizen Karyn Polito had built a team of supporters, waged a smart, positive campaign and lost, but she really won. Her positive campaign strategy, style, hard work and determination had been noticed, and not only did Ms. Polito learn more about herself, she was empowered with new skills and became a more confident person. Losing initially, worked to her ultimate advantage, for in losing, she learned, and Massachusetts’ now ‘Second in Command’ believes she would not be the Lieutenant Governor today had she not lost that first election!
"Fabulous Woman" profiles top tier, truly exemplary women business leaders who share their personal stories and advice. They reveal what motivates them and disclose how challenge, struggle and adversity underscore achievement and make them the women they are. I know these fabulous women will inspire and motivate you as much as they have me. Here's a sample of what you can expect to see in our next book!
Lynn Nicholas‏

Lynn Nicholas has been awarded BBJ’s coveted Healthiest Small Employer Award for five consecutive years – and this year was awarded the Healthcare Hero “Advocate” Award. She campaigns in ways large and small throughout the country speaking about healthcare policy, but also to the dangers of smoking and a healthy life style and totally ‘walks the talk.’ She is also very supportive of women, and increasingly younger women.

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Lauren Baker

A graduate of Northwestern University, MBA from Kellogg where she met her husband, this mother of three (two boys and a girl) is a former advertising executive, an avid gymnast, kick-boxer instructor!... and married to the most popular governor in the country.

Linda Kay

Linda Kay is the executive vice president of Century Bancorp Inc., the largest family-run bank in New England, opens up regarding struggles, challenges and rewards in growing her family’s $3.6 billion bank.

Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe" and founder of the “Know Your Value” movement for women, is the mother of two teen girls, Emili, 19, and Carlie, 17. She is self-described as “a woman who has had a lot of privilege. I came from a prestigious family, and despite the difficulty I gave my parents, somehow they got me educated, cultured and socialized … and it was still hard for me … there were still bumps along the way.”‏

​Linda Zecher

​Linda Zecher is the first female president and CEO of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the nation's most trusted brand in publishing and largest textbook publisher for children.

"My attitude is: stay positive, focus on things you believe you can add the most value to, jump in with both feet and figure it out."
Christie Hefner

Christie Hefner was Chairman and President of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. for 20 years (1988 -2008) making her the longest serving female chairman and CEO of a U.S. public company.

 Her dream was to someday be in the U.S. Senate or U.S. Supreme Court. Instead, when her father’s company was in financial shambles, at age 29, she built it into a billion dollar brand business while at the same time, developed its profitable television business...
Jacqueline Moloney

Jacqueline Moloney is the first woman to serve as Chancellor of University of Massachusetts Lowell. Dr. Moloney embraced technology early, confronting the boys’ network head-on. She became a pioneer in online education making UMass Lowell, a world-class leader in the field.