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Top Tips: Toasting
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Top Tips: Toasting
When the toast is being proposed to you, in your honour...


drink to one’s self
Etiquette Tip:  Toasting: 

#1 Rule regarding toasting: when the toast is being proposed to you, in your honour: never drink to one’s self. 
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Also, please be reminded:

  • The most formal toasting suggests NO ONE touch glasses.  Rather, strong eye-contact here is imperative.
  • The second most formal toast is to touch glasses lightly with persons on either side of you.
  • The third form of toasting is the “skoll!” where everyone at the table attempts to meet in the middle and “clink” glasses.  This is popular and frequently done however, discouraged due to all the shattered glass left on the table after diners might have enjoyed a few glasses of whatever!
Interestingly, the origin: during the days of kings and castles, one would crash stein to stein, the host, hoping to spill his beverage into that of his guest. 

The guest would wait for his host to drink first, in the event the beverage was poisoned. The host then would presumably fall ill or die, first. Thus, the reason for the rule. 

Today, the reasons have changed however, the rule remains the same.