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How to Stand Apart @ Work outlines specific ways to achieve leadership distinction and exude quiet confidence through nuances. The book showcases everyday business situations and illustrates how to leverage these as stand- alone opportunities to show respect while earning respect, show we know "the difference" while making a difference at work … and perhaps even for mankind. 

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Interpersonal communication skills are central to the fabric of our society yet quickly becoming a lost art. Few teach these people skills, and they are not found in any textbook. How to Stand Apart @ Work: Transforming Fine to Fabulous! is that textbook.

This "next level" business etiquette book showcases everyday business situations and illustrates how to leverage them as opportunities to stand apart and advance. The book outlines specific ways to achieve leadership distinction and exude quiet confidence through nuances. Judith Bowman provides real world advice, shares anecdotes and personal stories including her own faux pas while also entertaining the reader.

Professionals at all levels will learn how to connect, cultivate and reignite critical interpersonal relationships to better navigate the business landscape. The book is written in an easy to read, “Fine” versus Fabulous format to address the on-demand ethos of today, allowing readers to immediately relate.

Readers will be confident knowing that everything said and done is not just "fine" but top tier fabulous in terms of codes of conduct and correct behavior, thereby freeing them to focus on people and business topics at hand while positioning themselves eons apart from the competition.

The book shows, through specificity, what to say and do in each business situation to demonstrate respect while earning respect, show you know "the difference" while making a difference, positively motivate others and get the job done. Ultimately, everyone looks (and feels) fabulous as a result of exhibiting respectful behavior. Fabulous then, becomes a state of being and a great way to be!

HTSA@W provides the tools to cultivate relationships, reignite and expand our network of connections, and fortify our business lifelines.

HTSA@W takes everyday business situations and reveals how to leverage them as standalone opportunities to show respect, earn respect, and demonstrate that you know how to lead, motivate others, and advance in your career. The polished professional will know how to confidently navigate the business landscape not just here in the United States but anywhere in the world.
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