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Tap into the fast-growing Protocol Industry through our proven, established Protocol Certification program and, coaching and guidance from an 
All-Star cast of business practitioners who have tested and refined the business model.

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Professional Presence / Executive Etiquette / First Impressions

Now immersed in a global economy and the most competitive business climate in history, strategic alliances and corporate re-engineering have all created significant competitive pressures on managers and executives at all levels of the organization. Technology, book and business knowledge aside, it is still all about people, respect and interacting with people. Business protocol and etiquette have assumed an increasingly important role as companies seek to establish long-term customer relationships.
g Handshaking

g Eye contact

g Body language

g Presence - poise/posture...

g Personal space

g The correct confident 
standing position and 
sitting smart

g Rising to the occasion

g Introductions, business vs. 

g Announcing yourself; a 

g Meeting protocol

g Business card exchange

g Conversation skills and small 

g Active listening skills

g Remembering names and 
USING them!

g Name badges

g How to work a room

g Relationship building process

g Meeting and interviewing 
power points

g When, where and how to sit

g The telephone - efficient use 
and courtesies

g Telephone sales and 
telemarketing techniques

g Cell phone, voice mail, email 

g Videoconferencing

g Thank you's

g Office etiquette

g Grooming and personal 

g Voice - inflection, diction, 
grammar and tonal quality

g Professional attire and 
business casual

g Thank you notes, personal 
notes and stationary

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Knowledge is Power;
Protocol Empowers;
Knowledge of Protocol Enhances
Personal Effectiveness

  • Do you interact with customers or prospective clients?
  • Are you responsible for sales or marketing?
  • Is your company growing internationally?
  • Are you recruiting professionals from abroad?

Yes? Protocol Consultants International will provide you with the necessary tools to help empower you and the professionals of your organization to present yourself with confidence and authority to outclass the competition. Customized seminars and workshops are available in 1/2 day, full day or multi-day formats. Topics addressed include: 

First Impressions

Communication skills and non-verbal communications

Presentation Skills

Impact of Behaviour
Understand and identify behavioural styles in ourselves and others from the onset in order to ADAPT, rather than clash, to help form the basis of positive personal rapport, and build the foundation for a solid relationship.