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Tap into the fast-growing Protocol Industry through our proven, established Protocol Certification program and, coaching and guidance from an 
All-Star cast of business practitioners who have tested and refined the business model.

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Remember, your goal: to convey a message 
by relating to your audience. 

And, every audience is different. Your ability to relate to, deliver and adapt, in order to convey information, is key. Most people believe the verbal aspect of what you say is most important, and it is important to verbally express yourself well and, own your material however, 55% is led by visual. Herein, we will emphasize preparation, as a pre-requisite to any successful presentation. 

Topics include the following: 
g Preparation

g Attire

g Marketing Material .. “props”

g Voice

g Hands & Gesturing 

g Body Language 

g The Professional Stance and, 
other options..

g Eye-contact 

g Opening a Presentation

g Three-part Transition 

g Face-to-Face "Selling"

g Active Listening Skills 

g Effectively Presenting Ideas

g Profiling

g Handling Objections 

g How to answer a question 

g Graciously Concluding

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We all ‘present,’ every day and, as well all know, 
“The Presentation is Everything!