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Tap into the fast-growing Protocol Industry through our proven, established Protocol Certification program and, coaching and guidance from an 
All-Star cast of business practitioners who have tested and refined the business model.

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Intra-cultural Protocol Awareness

International business and competition is the rule today. As executives prepare to do business abroad and receive international visitors and colleagues, they need to be aware of the many cultural differences in other countries which will make a significant difference in developing successful relationships and conducting business.

Intracultural Protocol Awareness will give you the non-technical strategies and tactics to compete in an economy that demands mental flexibility and alertness.

g Monochronic vs. polychronic 

g Negotiation strategy

g Professional and totally 
inappropriate attire

g Business card savvy

g Personal space

g Introductions

g Receiving lines

g Translators, Interpreters and 
related issues

g Colors

g Premeeting strategy; 

g Rank and Status

g Greetings including various 
handshaking customs and 

g International image

g Communication styles

g Offensive gestures

g Limousine protocol

g Gift-giving ideas and 

g Forms of address

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