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Be at ease as a guest or host.

Business is conducted at functions, dinners and meetings that on the surface seem purely social. Many individuals are not at ease at such events. Knowing how to take advantage of the potential in these situations adds to an individual's overall effectiveness as a representative of one's organization. We will be reviewing effective ways to function and interact effectively to ensure that you are perceived in a positive light.

Once again, ... Perception IS Reality!

Hosts AND guests, have many responsibilities. First and foremost is helping to ensure the overall success of the event by CONTRIBUTING! ... introducing yourself, providing introductions, initiating conversation, circulating, knowing when, when not to eat...

Dining Savvy will give you a useful set of tools for those special situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened in social settings. An on-site luncheon or dining tutorial will be scheduled.

g Business entertaining

g Conducting Business in a 
Social Setting

g Host/Hostess duties and

g American style of dining

g Continental style of dining

g The guest of honor

g China, crystal and silverware 

g The Silent Service code

g Table settings - formal and 

g Serving/clearing/passing

g When to begin - at what 
point/signaled by whom

g How to hold various glasses

g Soup etiquette

g Bread and butter etiquette

g Excusing yourself from the 
g Being served and serving 

g Do's and don'ts of dining

g Toasting

g Host/Co-host responsibilities 
of business entertaining

g Table talk - conversation

g Napkin etiquette

g Restaurant etiquette

g Body Language/posture at 
the table

g Wine selections

g Handling the check

g Ordering

g Bodily functions at the table

g Passing food

g Difficult to eat foods

g Finger foods

g Invitations and R.S.V.P.'s

g Farewells and thank you's

g Thank you notes

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