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Training Video: Executive Etiquette - First Impressions

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"Executive Etiquette - First Impressions"
Training Video

Remember: "You need to know the rules before you can play the game." Shakespeare.

"You never get a second chance .. to make a GREAT First Impression!"

This 20 minute fast paced, informative and fun training video covers the following topics:
"Executive Etiquette/First Impressions"
Shipping & Handling
$5.00 United States of America
$20.00 for international orders
  • Handshaking
  • Eye-contact
  • Voice and tonal quality
  • Personal Space
  • Body Language
  • The relationship building process
  • Presence  .. and CONFIDENCE!
  • Working a room .. preparation is key!
  • Gender issues
  • Correct confident standing position
  • Name badges
  • Remembering names and USING them
  • Conversation skills and small talk
  • Introductions - business vs. social
  • Business card protocol
  • Job interviewing tips and techniques
This video is designed for individuals and organizations who want to enhance their personal effectiveness in a world where nuances matter in social and business relationships.
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