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"Dining 101"

This 15-minute DVD highlights and reviews the fundamentals of dining. Topics include: Dining Basics - the Fork and Knife - American vs. Continental Styles of Dining, the Silent Service Code, Assembling at the Table, Grace, Toasting: - the Two Types of Toasts, Ordering, Eating Soup and Salad, Bread and Butter Etiquette, Salt and Pepper Etiquette, Napkin Etiquette, Seating, the Main Entrée, Sharing Food, Gristle, Desert and more. 
This informative and fun DVD is geared toward both casual and formal diners .. anyone who eats! All of us love to dine out. Much emphasis is placed on fabulous restaurants, world-renown chefs and the cuisine itself however, generally speaking, few of us pause to consider how we are holding our fork and knife! This DINING 101 DVD shares valuable information regarding the basics of eating which is powerful - socially and critical, to business success. Awareness of correct behavior translates to complete confidence in order to focus on people and conversation at hand - the real reason we are at the table! 

"The world was my oyster and then I used the wrong fork."
- Oscar Wilde.

"Dining 101"
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