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Examples of Civility - “Dissing”Benjamin Netanyahu

by Judith Bowman on 03/17/15

There is a world crisis looming.  Israel is a crucial US ally strategically and morally.  Why is this administration so passive? 

Israel is facing the single biggest threat to their nation since the Holocost, as the nuclear arms race against Iran escalates…  and our President who, himself, has breached the imperatives of protocol more than any other president, stands  on a point of protocol?

At stake: 

-          Iran hates Israel and seeks to annihilate them. 

-          Netanyahu has appealed to law makers in Congress to circumvent White House diplomacy and either block or broaden terms of any deal with Iran.

Netanyahu was invited by Congress - a branch of government, well within its prerogative,  especially on a matter of this scale.  The invitation had bipartisan support because members of both sides of the aisle recognize the fundamental threat to world peace a nuclear armed Iran would pose.  Netanyahu saw this as an opportunity for his country and embraced it.

In dissing him, President Obama said he was being sensitive to political implications with Israel’s upcoming election which, most respectfully, Mr. President, has nothing to do with the big picture.  Obama seems not to like Netanyahu - and clearly, Netanyahu feels this. 

We can debate the technicalities however, the bottom line:  Netanyahu was invited and he accepted.  As such, we have (host country) responsibilities.  This White House’s behavior was  rude and has shown complete disrespect toward this World Leader, our long-time ally and, disrespected the friendship.

Protocol Abandoned

Ø      The President blatantly demonstrates his contempt for the Prime Minister which in itself, is protolically inappropriate.

Ø      Protocol suggests meeting “level to level;” this White House not only did not meet with Mr. Netanyahu, President Obama did not even shake his hand while he was here. 

Ø      Prez was “too busy” to watch his congressional address (says he was “briefed”)

Ø      Joe Biden, the VP, whose job it is to preside over Congress wasn’t even there … he was “traveling.”

Ø      Nancy Pelosi said publicly she was almost “in tears!”

Ø      50 other congressmen didn’t show up.


House Speaker John Boehner thoughtfully gifted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a bust of Winston Churchill.  The gift was chosen because, like Winston Churchill (who addressed our Congress three times) Netanyahu is the only foreign leader to have addressed Congress. 

As the Israeli Prime Minister has said, “President Obama’s posture here does not block Iran’s path to the bomb, it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.”

Why does our president look the other way?   (BTW – Obama is Muslim … does he carry those anti-Semitic thoughts?) 

“Do Unto Others”
We have two more years of Obama and going forward, what do you suppose will happen when John Kerry or our next Secretary of State calls upon Israel for their support?  Mr. Obama’s conduct is not only inappropriate, unbecoming and embarrassing, but damaging to foreign relations with Israel.

Mr. President, please be reminded from the book, “Art of War” an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy, also known as Sun Tzu, “Keep friends close and your enemies closer.” And, if nothing else, Mr. President, from the Godfather, please remember, “It’s not personal, It’s business!”

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