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Integrity in Sports

by Judith Bowman on 01/31/15

The New England Patriots have been so unusually good for so long that it seems fans are bored and the competition is jealous!  What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?   Behavior as of late, is reminiscent of the Salem witch trials…  And it seems the vulturous press would rather sell gossip and  exploit minutia than focus on ‘just another Superbowl’  … adding the suffix “gate” – implying scandal or at least, underhandedness (no pun intended) has been a nice touch!  All this is not very golden rule type behavior, something upon which even sports etiquette is based.   Moreover, the upshot of this debacle threatens to cut at the core of fundamental qualities of integrity and trust - upon which personal, business and sports relationships should be based.  Tom Brady has denied any knowledge of impropriety and I believe him.       

…  even if air pressure was altered, this clearly did not affect Brady’s performance as Patriots scored 28 points during the second half with a fully inflated ball (which was also heavier because it was drenched)  versus 17 points with a less inflated ball.  Velocity is also reduced with an under-inflated (heavy, wet) ball  … so much for the integrity of the ball … 

Brady’s integrity: 

The New England Patriots are a true Dynasty Team.  Tom Brady could be The best quarterback of all time and Bill Belichek one of the best coaches.  Tom Brady and The New England Patriots are professional, world-class athletes who have earned titles and trophies not by individual accomplishment, but by shared achievement.  They have played and won consistently, as true Gentlemen Warriors.  Individually and collectively, they have demonstrated that treating others with respect is contagious and key to winning.

Tom Brady is a star athlete and a leader who works for his wins, studies and prepares.   His confidence and sense of authority come from exhaustive preparation.  He is known to watch every frame of every defensive play of the season at least once and memorize every twitch and tic of every cornerback and safety.  He gets briefed and briefs himself on strengths and weaknesses of his opponents including their habits, tendencies and vulnerabilities.  Teammates admire his presence and personality, his work ethic, selflessness, humility and show of respect toward everyone.   

Let not hearsay, innuendo and viscous rumors tarnish the hard-fought, well-earned reputation of one of the greatest quarterbacks in history.   

Tom Brady doesn't need to cheat to win.

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