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 We are proud to announce...

"Don't Take the Last Donut: 
New Rules for Business Etiquette"

has been placed on the recommended reading list
of leading motivational coaches. Foreign book 
rights have been sold to 12 countries and, 
the book has been translated into 10 languages!
Don't Take the Last Donut, New Rules for Business Etiquette has been a phenomenal success and has brought Ms. Bowman into major publications around the country.

This valuable "guide to navigating the modern business setting" is available in stores around the United States of America, and by clicking on the order bar above. Foreign book rights have been sold to Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Turkey, the Philippines, Asia, United Kingdom & Europe, Romania, Canada, South Africa, and Russia. Translations are available in ten languages.

Here is a representative listing of newspapers and magazines in which reviews have appeared:

    * Martha Stewart Living Radio (Audio) December 2009
    * Boston Globe - December, 2008
    * CIO | - October, 2008
    * NBC-TV Sunrise Show Interview (4:00 video)
    * U.S. News & World Report Alpha Consumer Column - January 30, 2008
    * U.S. News & World Report Alpha Consumer Column (Tipping, Part 2) - January 22, 2008
    * Business Basics Column - January 15, 2008
    * U.S. News & World Report Alpha Consumer Column (Tipping, Part 1) - January 7, 2008
    * Administrative Assistant's Update - December, 2007
    * Martha Stewart Living Radio - Morning Living
    * U.S. News and World Report - May, 2007 issue
    * GRAND magazine: Living Well in Waterloo Region [PDF] - Sept/Oct 2007
    * Martha Stewart Living - Sirius Radio
    *, Lisa Cullen's "Work In Progress", August, 2007
    * Business Week Magazine - June, 2007
    * The Associated Press
    * Glow magazine (series for the year)
    * - June14, 2007
    * Los Angeles. Times, June 2007
    * Boston Globe
    * Business Section, June, 2007
    * Colorado Springs Business Journal
    * Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 2007
    * Detroit Free Press, June 2007
    * Indianapolis Star
    * Des Moines Register
    * Miami Herald
    * The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH
    * Executive, June 2007
    * Success Magazine
    * Arizona Republic, June 2007
    * Post Crescent, June 2007
    * Central Valley Business Times, June 2007
    * Newsday, July 2, 2007
    * Tampa Tribune, June 21, 2007
    * Pensacola News Journal
    * Richmond, VA Times Dispatch
    * Grand Magazine, Living Well in Waterloo Region
    * Star Ledger
    * Mobile Press Register
    * WorkWise Interactive - (Nationally syndicated)

Read what Mike Boyd said in the Colorado Springs Business Journal about "Don't Take the Last Donut." Chris Reidy of the Boston Globe offers comments that appeared in the Business section.

Additionally the Associated Press article was picked up by news publications throughout the country, too numerous to mention herein.

More Articles In The News
TV and Radio Appearances:
Ms. Bowman has been interviewed on radio stations around the United States and in Canada. Some of the larger media outlets include the following:

    * Your Financial Times
    * CIGL-FM, Ontario Canada, one of Canada's top-rated FM stations
    * CNBC Business Radio
    * Lifestyle Talk Radio Network with Michael Dresser
    * KOA-AM, Denver CO, with John Emm
    * Cable Radio Network with Jack Roberts
    * WKXL-AM, Concord NH, on Financial Spectrum
    * WGBB-AM, Long Island NY, with Bonnie Graham
    * USA Radio Network on /Daybreak USA
    * Biz Radio Network with Jack Warkenthien
    * WBZ-AM, Boston MA on Women’s Watch
    * WTIC-AM, Hartford CT, with Ray and Diane
    * KYW-AM, Philadelphia PA with Don Lancer
    * KCMN AM Colorado Springs, Tron Simpson
    * WFHN- FM - Providence, JR and Sharon
    * Traders Nation Network, Kurt Schemers
    * WUSN-FM - Chicago, Lisa and Ray
    * Eastern KCMN - AM - Colorado Springs, Live with Tron in the AM
    * Eastern WFON, Milwaukee, WI, Jon and Mary
    * KOLE - AM - FOX Forum, Dan Gresham
    * KEYS - AM - Corpus Christi, TX, Eric Von Wade
    * Lifeline Universal Media Statewide, Oregon

More Broadcast Appearances

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