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Tap into the fast-growing Protocol Industry through our proven, established Protocol Certification program and, coaching and guidance from an 
All-Star cast of business practitioners who have tested and refined the business model.

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About Our Founder

Judith Bowman is president and founder of Protocol Consultants International (1993) author, speaker, business protocol coach, syndicated journalist. Ms. Bowman speaks to critical interpersonal communication skills and showcases everyday business situations showing professionals how to leverage these as opportunities to demonstrate respect while earning respect, show you know “the difference” while making a difference, Stand Apart, lead and outclass the competition! As Founder and Executive Director of Protocol University, Ms. Bowman also provides Protocol Certification. Ms. Bowman also founded and serves as the Executive Director of the National Civility Foundation: (

Author “Don’t Take the Last Donut…” sold in 16 countries, translated into 14 languages and “How to Stand Apart @ Work …Transforming “Fine” to Fabulous!” Ms. Bowman is writing her third book entitled, “World Class.” Ms. Bowman wrote a weekly syndicated Everyday Etiquette column for 10 years for the Pulitzer Prize winning Eagle Tribune Publishing Company, a weekly Business Protocol column for the Huffington Post, Boston Herald newspapers, Banker & Tradesman, the prestigious Noblesse  Magazine, China, among others, had a weekly television segment on New England Cable news for four years, as well as a weekly radio segment, “A Protocol Moment” with Herald Radio for three years. Ms. Bowman launched a Glass Ceiling Shattered series featuring truly Fabulous 
Women CEOs who have shattered the Glass Ceiling for the Boston Herald, Huffington Post and others.

Ms. Bowman has produced a series of online training and support products which include: Executive Etiquette/First Impressions DVD, DINING 101 DVD and Protocol Training from our How to Stand Apart series.

A graduate of Boston College, Ms. Bowman has pursued studies in Effective Business Communication at Harvard University.

Ms. Bowman is known for her ability to help individuals and professionals at all levels, political leaders and Royalty, further distinguish themselves, as they continue to develop, cultivate, maintain and grow strong business relationships.

About Our Company

Interpersonal communication skills are central to the fabric of our society, yet quickly becoming a lost art.

Judith Bowman Enterprises offers training, consultation and coaching services to those who want to enhance personal effectiveness in business and social relationships. Despite multi-tied platform approaches today, basic “people skills” remain tantamount to establishing solid, authentic connections, yet are quickly becoming a lost art.

We showcase everyday business situations and show professionals how to leverage these as opportunities to demonstrate respect while earning respect, show you know “the difference” while making a difference at work … and perhaps even for mankind. Accessing simple specific nuances will help you stand apart today, more than ever before because, so few people do. Our all-embracing goal is to inspire trust, advance relationships … and outclass the competition!

Behavior from the outset helps foster or hinder future business relationships. Our seminars provide the tools to lead, motivate and advance.  

All programs in Professional Presence / Business Protocol, International Protocol Awareness and Dining Savvy are designed to heighten awareness of personal behavior and its impact on relationships in business and social settings. Programs are for individuals who want to build on past success.